'Salve' is in Full Blede, Issue Seven: The Continuant


When I was preparing for an art fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris in November of 2018 I thought about creating support material by transferring all five images of this series into a newspaper format. There were obvious benefits like portability of medium and enhancing the experience by incorporating printed word, as well as challenges of image presentation.

All these considerations were off when Sacha Baumann, a publisher of the broadsheet Full Blede, invited me to participate in The Continuant issue of the publication. It was simply a different experience altogether: it was a publication of contemporary writing and art as a tangible object of a thoughtful curation of artists’ views on specific topic. Why an object ? May be due to its almost forgotten tactile sense of turning a newspaper page and dropping it on a table or folding it in-half after last page is over.