Reverse perspective

An issue of the reverse perspective is debated among art historians on a question of whether it was intentional or due to the insufficient knoladge at the time. Roughly up to 15th century before Italian Renaissance laid down theoretical foundation for the linear perspective, the depiction of subject matter on two dimensional plane often was diverging away from a viewer rather than converging into a distant point as it is common now. Images of Byzantine school of iconography represent this kind of perspective (e.g. a detail from an unidentified icon on the left).

In 2012, while in Moscow, I took this image as a response to a book on reverse perspective without planning or thinking about any specific project but rather reflecting on a different point of representation. Now, when I'm developing a body of work where a philosophic idea of experiencing the world by a human is centered inside of an observer rather than on an outside, I want to share my creative  process in a series of postings.